Current Tortoise Breeding Projects
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Common Name                 Scientific Name            Comments                   
South African Leopard Tortoise  Geochelone pardalis pardalis   Rarely bred in captivity
Indian Star Tortoise            Geochelone elegans             Beautiful star patterns on shells
Pancake Tortoise                Malacochersus tornieri         Unique flat tortoises
Marginated Tortoise             Testudo marginata            
Greek Tortoise                  Testudo ibera             
Yellow-foot Tortoise            Geochelone denticulata         Uncommon
Red-foot Tortoise               Geochelone carbonaria   
Russian Tortoise                Testudo horsfieldi

Do you know how to select healthy baby tortoises?  Go here for more info.

We welcome trade offers and are currently looking to add to our tortoise breeding projects.
We are interested in:

Radiated (Asterochelys radiata)
Egyptian (Testudo kleinmanni)
Marginated (Testudo marginata)
Pancake (Malacochersus tornieri)

Email us if you have any of these and you would be interested in trading.

See our policies page for information regarding ordering.

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