Reptile Inventory Pricing
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Common NameScientific NamePrice*Comments
South African Leopard TortoisesGeochelone pardalis pardalis$150All 2004 babies are sold out. To be notified when we are taking orders for 2005 babies just send us an email here.

We welcome trade offers and are currently looking for (captive hatched only):
Egyptian (kleini) Tortoises, Marginated Tortoises, Greek Tortoises, Radiated Tortoises, Pancake Tortoises, Padlopers, and Star Tortoises.
Email us if you are interested.

    All items are captive bred. Until completion of the images page images of individual items can be provided with a confirmed order. All animals are shipped air freight to US destinations only. For more information on shipping and pricing please go to our Critter Shipping Information page. Animal prices do not include shipping costs.

Orders, including those that do not meet the $100 minimum, may also be picked up in Tucson with prior arrangement.

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