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Common Name                 Scientific Name            Comments                   
    Brazilian Rainbow Boas      Epicrates cenchria cenchria    Both orange and red phases
    Dumeril's Boas              Acrantophis dumerili           Beautiful, from light colored adults
    Haitian Boas                Epicrates striatus             Uncommon
    Rosy Boas, Coastal Phase    Lichanura t. saslowi           

Corn and Rat Snakes:
    Amelanistic                 Elaphe sp.                     aka Red Albino
    Baird's Rat                 Elaphe o. bairdi               
    Snow                        Elaphe sp.                     
    Ghost                       Elaphe sp.                     
    Motley                      Elaphe sp.                     
    Motley Ghost                Elaphe sp.                     

Gopher Snakes:
    Sonoran - Albino            Pituophis sp.                  

King Snakes:
    California                  L. getulus californiae         Standard color and pattern
    California, Banana          L. getulus californiae         High Yellow and aberrant patterns
    California, Albino - Banana L. getulus californiae         High Yellow and aberrant patterns
    California, Albino - Banded L. getulus californiae         
    California, Albino - Stripe L. getulus californiae         
    California, Desert          L. getulus californiae         Black w/ white bands
    California, Coastal         L. getulus californiae         Brown w/ yellow bands
    Grey Banded (Alterna)       Lampropeltis alterna           
    Grey Banded (Blair's)       Lampropeltis alterna blairi    
    Grey Banded x Pyro          L. alterna x pyromelana        Very nice color, always eat well
    Mexican Black               L. getulus nigritus            Black

Milk Snakes:
    Honduran, Bi-Color          L.triangulum hondurensis       Including Tangerine phase
    Honduran, Tri-Color         L.triangulum hondurensis       
    Nelson's - Albino           Lampropeltis t. nelsoni        Awesome looking snake
    Nelson's - Albino (NEW)     Lampropeltis t. nelsoni        Our own strain - unrelated to all others!
    Nelson's - Het. Albino      Lampropeltis t. nelsoni        Carries the albino gene
    Sinaloan                    Lampropeltis t. sinaloae       Classic tri-color snake

    Green Tree                  Morelia viridis                
    Carpet, Jungle              Morelia spilota cheynei        Strikingly colored black and yellow
    Childrens                   Liasis childreni               Uncommon
    Savu Island                 Liasis mackloti savuensis      Uncommon
    Timor                       Python timoriensis             Very rare in captivity

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