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     Exotic Enterprises is a quality breeder of reptiles including snakes, tortoises, and geckos. We are located in Tucson, Arizona and the weather here could not be much better for breeding reptiles. Exotic Enterprises has a large captive breeding program and is able to produce over 1500 offspring annually. In addition to standard fare such as kingsnakes and cornsnakes we breed higher end animals such as Albino Nelson's milk snakes Timor pythons, Sawu Island pythons, Dumeril's Boas, Green Tree pythons, Jungle Carpet pythons, Brazilian Rainbow Boas, S.A. Leopard Tortoises, Star Tortoises, and designer Leopard geckos.

     Our current inventory is here. Exotic Enterprises no longer produces Sugar Gliders or other exotic mammals and at this time no longer offers supplies for them. We plan some unusual mammal offerings for later this year but they are not announced at this time.

     Exotic Enterprises main facility is located in Tucson and includes several hundred quality adult animals overseen by a knowledgeable staff. We are continually trying to upgrade the quality of our breeders and this evolution is reflected in our offspring each year. Veterinary care is provided in by Dr. Jim Jarchow, whom we believe to be one of the top reptile veterinarians in the country. Health certificates can be provided (extra charge) upon request for animals ordered.

     Exotic Enterprises ships nationwide on weekdays for arrivals that best fit the needs of the animals and your schedule. Purchases may be picked up from us in Tucson by prior arrangement only. Sorry - We do not offer 'tours' for security reasons.

We are the source for top quality animals.
Why settle for anything less?

Exotic Enterprises - Tucson, Arizona
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